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Website Transfer

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Move to a Speedy New Hosting Server

Bring high-performance and legendary support to your site. We’ll seamlessly migrate everything for you.

Moving your site? Leave the whole process to us!

Migrating a website to a new server is complicated, but we’ve done it a million times.
We’ll transfer your site to a new server seamlessly, without disrupting your business.

Comprehensive Migration

We move it all. Everything associated with your website is perfectly copied, re-installed, and re-configured on your new server so there is no perceivable change to your front-end.

Seamless Transition

Keep your site up and running throughout the entire process. When we’re ready to flip the switch and direct visitors to your new server, we do so in a way that minimizes downtime while your DNS propagates. Most visitors will never notice a change.

How It Works

1. We review your software to identify any security vulnerabilities and update your software if possible.

2. We make a 100% complete copy of your existing website and install it on your new server.

3. You review the website copy on your new server to ensure everything is exactly as it should be.

4. Once approved, during low-traffic hours we update your domain so it points to your new server.

Frequent Questions

Any website! No matter your software or use case, we have a hosting server for you. If you already have a Dream Host server set up we will happily move your website to it whenever you're ready. If you still need a server, get in touch and we'll help identify and set up the perfect environment to power your specific website and traffic.

Yes, absolutely. We create a copy of your website and set it up on your new Dream Host server. Before the final step, we send you a unique link that lets you review everything about your website to ensure it looks and functions exactly as it should within your new hosting environment. Only after you give the green light do we coordinate and execute the final step of pointing your domain name to your new site.

No worries! We migrate your databases as part of the formal process. We coordinate with you on timing to bring over as up-to-date of content as possible before updating your DNS settings. Once the transfer is complete, we review the old website to identify any data that came through during the transition and separately bring it over to ensure your website contains the latest dynamic data by the end of the migration process.