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Get Your Site Up to Speed

Don’t waste your traffic. Offer visitors the fastest experience to get more customers, subscribers, and leads.

The Need for Speed

Did you know most visitors give up on websites needing more than 3 seconds to load? These days Google even penalizes slow sites in search results! In a mobile-first world with shorter attention spans, SPEED is a critical attribute of any successful site.

The Easiest Way to Get a Lean and Mean Site

With 20+ years of experience supporting millions of sites worldwide, we’ve perfected a process to help make your website super fast, while still at an affordable price.

1. Website Audit & Analysis

We perform a comprehensive scan of your site using a variety of industry-leading tools and software. This lets us establish a baseline of your site’s performance and identifies main areas of opportunity for improvement.

2. On-site Optimization

We create a staged copy of your live site so our developers can safely dive into your code and get to work fixing any and everything that can affect your site’s overall performance.

3. Page Speed Improvement Report

Once you confirm everything looks as it should, we apply the optimizations to your live site. We send you a report summarizing the changes along with updated performance results compared against your original benchmark.

Lots of Happy Customers

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A Complete Tune-Up For Ultimate Performance

Lots of different variables affect a website’s performance, so we perform a comprehensive
analysis of your site to maximize your potential performance.


When possible, we update your website software to make sure your site takes advantage of the latest security and performance features.


We review all plugins to identify inactive or unused plugins that can be removed, and ensure active plugins are up-to-date.


If a theme is present and can be updated, we do so to take advantage of any potential performance or reliability improvements.


We ensure an appropriate caching plugin is installed and configured to best match the requirements of your website and hosting


We ensure images are properly compressed and optimized for web and all devices, and we install a plugin to ensure future images are optimized.


We ensure video files are being hosted by a proper media delivery service and depending on your conetnt, consider Video CDN options too.


If supported on your plan, we ensure your CDN is active and properly configured to maximize page speed across the world.


We analyze your database for healthy values and improve any areas which are identified as potential sources of inefficiency.

Lazy Loading

We implement lazy loading features on critical pages to always deliver the most important content to visitors first.


If provided with your hosting plan and if running WordPress, we enable and configure any relevant Jetpack features.


Where possible we implement minification to improve your website code for efficiency and file size improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a website optimization service take?
For most websites we can complete all the work required within just 5 business days (1 week). Larger or more complex sites, such as e-commerce stores or blogs with tons of content, can some times take a bit longer.
What kind of websites can you optimize?
Any website! We tend to focus a lot on optimizing WordPress website performance because a lot of our customers love using WordPress. That said, we can apply various optimization techniques to improve your page speed even if you use different software.
How fast will this optimization service make my site?
Because every website is different, it depends! We always benchmark performance at the start of the project, and then we compare the original page speed scores to those run after all the optimization work has been performed. Our goal is to see measurable gains and get your website as fast as possible with improvements to your software.
How long does a website optimization service take?
We recommend optimizing your website before upgrading to a more powerful server. Even with large, complex sites, there are usually lots of ways to improve your software to deliver better performance. That said, larger websites with lots of content and traffic will likely always be a bit slower than a smaller site. Once your software is optimized, our team can then better help you determine whether a more powerful server infrastructure (such VPS or Dedicated) might make sense.