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What is your Analytics telling you?

Google Analytics

Our web analytics consultancy service helps you understand your users and measure performance accurately across all platforms to make data informed decisions with confidence.

Web Analytics is defined as the analysis of both qualitative & quantitative website and app data which is used to improve the experiences of both current & prospective customers.

The Importance of Analytics

With a clear understanding of what is happening on site or in app, decision makers are able to improve their digital offering and enhance the experience of their current and potential customers. The proper implementation of analytics helps decision makers understand what actions are required to meet the business’ objectives and drive their business forward.

How can we help you?

Whether you need a full Google Analytics audit, or help setting up tailored reports, our consultancy service covers it all.

Our pricing is based on your current situation and your objectives so if you want to see how your data can work for you contact Digital Ingenuity today.